If the product you received fulfills the terms of return policy and you prefer to not replace the product or exchange the product, either of the following refund method can be chose. 

If the product is eligible for refund, the shipping or delivery charge will be refunded along with the paid price for the product. 

When you return your product, your refund amount and refund method may vary according to the products and circumstances. 

The refund process shall be initiated by us in 3-4 days after receiving the return claim. 

Following are the Refund options: 


Refund method Refund Time ( after refund is processed)
Credit Card 10 – 15 Days
MountEmart Gift Card 1 Day
Debit Card 10 – 15 Days
E-sewa 3 – 5 Days
IME Pay 3 – 5 Days
Fone pay 3 – 5 Days
Cash 10 Days

The refund process will only be proceeded if the returning of the product satisfies with the Return Policy of MountEmart.