One can return, replace and exchange the products / goods bought from our websites and stores (that might exist in future) if they meet the Return and Exchange policy mentioned herein.

Accepted reasons to return or exchange the products / goods received:

  1. Received product / good is not the product / good you ordered.
  2. Received product / good is found to be defective, damaged and/or destroyed.
  3. Received product / good is different in size / amount / quality as you ordered or was described in the advertisement.
  4. Received product is not a complete product / good.
  5. Received products / goods had already exceeded the expiry date when received.

The process of return, replacement and exchange of the products received may differ from product to product according to the nature of each product, some of the products are not under any circumstances returned or exchanged.

Time limit to return or exchange the products:

Category Time Conditions under which it can be Returned or Replaced or Exchanged
Milk, Curd, Ghee, Oil Bakery, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and similar kind of goods Within 1 day Only can be returned if received different products, rotten products or/and expired products.
Grocery items (Corn, wheat, paddy, barley, buckwheat, lentils, grains, etc) Within 3 days Only can be returned if received different products, expired products.
Alcoholic beverage, Tobacco, Soft Drinks Within 1 day Different brand or products damaged or destroyed or expired
Cosmetic products (Shampoo, creams, make ups, make up kits and similar products) Within 2 weeks Damaged, expired or different product
Fashion: Clothes, shoes, bags Within 30 days Different size, damaged
Undergarments No return or exchange policy  
Electronics (laptop, phone, computer equipment) Within 15 days Defective or different
Kitchenware / kitchen products Within 15 days Damaged
Decorative items Within 5 days Damaged
Agricultural products Within 10 days Damaged or expired
Toys Within 3 days Damaged
Auto parts, battery, tube, tyre etc. Within 20 days Damaged or different products

Terms need to be satisfied for the product to be returned or exchanged:

  1. Information about the damage / expired / destroyed / incomplete products shall be forwarded with 12 hours of receiving the product through any means(Phone calls, direct communication through website)
  2. Product must be returned in original form, unworn and unused as received, i.e , product must include the original tags, user manuals, warranty cards, freebies, invoice and accessories.

Buyers shall bear responsibility of the damage of the product if they doesn’t inform about the damage / expiry / incomplete product, if it is not informed within 12 hours of receipt of the product.