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Himstar| 490 Ltr Vici cooler (HC-49V58LSWG)

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  •  Internal LED For Ultimate Display
  • – +2ºC to 8ºC Of Temperature Range
  • – Internal Air-Flow for Fastest Chilling

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Internal LED for Ultimate Display:
Products you put in Himstar Visi Cooler look appealing and distinct with internal LED lights.
+2 to +8 Degree Temperature Range:
The temperature range maintained in the Himstar Visi Cooler is +2 Degree Celsius to +8 Degree Celsius. The temperature range is perfect for products like cold drinks, bakery items, and so on.
Internal Airflow For Fastest Chilling:
Himstar Visi Cooler comes with fans for the proper flow of air. These fans regulate internal airflow for fast chilling of the products.
Heavy Duty Compressor:
Heavy duty compressors are capable of quick cooling compared to general compressors helping you ensure better profits.
Tropicalized Sleek Design:
Himstar Visi Cooler has protection from adverse atmospheric conditions on the design level while keeping the design polished and shiny.
Energy Efficient Compressor:
Enhanced with a modern, highly efficient compressor, you can save on energy consumption.
Caster Wheels for Easy Mobility:
Himstar Visi Cooler comes with attached caster wheels that give you easy access to move the visi cooler around.

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