1% Chandanam Face Wash 100ml


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  • Deeply Cleanses Skin: 1% Chandanam Skin Brightening Face Wash deeply cleanses your skin without stripping off its natural moisture. Its skin-nourishing formula makes it perfect for daily use and results in a fresh and glowing skin with every wash.
  • Softens & Repairs Skin: 1% Chandanam Oil and other precious herbs in the Face Wash nourish the skin by delivering adequate moisture and hydration. This helps repair the skin cells, making your skin feel soft and plump.
  • Brightens Skin: Packed with Turmeric & Sandalwood, the Face Wash effectively brightens the skin after every wash. It reduces dark spots and pigmentation, leaving your skin glowing.
  • Reduces Tan: Crafted with a gel-based formula, it reduces sun damage, removes tan and fades dark spots, giving you bright and glowing skin without any pigmentation and marks.
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Benefits :

  • Deeply Cleanses Skin
  • Softens & Repairs Skin
  • Brightens Skin
  • Reduces Tan
  • Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients :

  • Sandalwood: A powerful skin antiseptic, Sandalwood moisturizes the skin, leading to minimized inflammation and itching.
  • Turmeric: Rich in antioxidants, Turmeric prevents sun damage. It also helps in reducing tan, pigmentation and brightening skin.
  • Manjishtha: Rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties, Manjishtha helps reduce acne and skin infections. It has been used to brighten skin and make complexion even for ages.
  • Vetiver (Ushira): Commonly known as Khus in Ayurveda, Vetiver moisturizes and hydrates skin while balancing its pH and correcting uneven skin tone.

Usage :

  • Apply a coin-sized amount of 1% Chandanam Skin Brightening Face Wash on damp face.
  • Make a V shape with two fingers and massage your face in upwards and sideways directions.
  • Lather up and rinse with lukewarm or tap water.

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