10 best DR brown products to Buy in Nepal

Ensuring the health and comfort of our babies is a top priority for every parent. This task becomes particularly challenging when choosing the right products for a newborn. Dr. Brown, a trusted brand globally, offers a wide range of baby products that are dermatologically tested and developed using smart technologies. In this article, we help you navigate through the top 10 Dr. Brown products available in Nepal to make your parenting journey a bit easier.

1. Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer

A daily challenge for parents is maintaining the perfect milk temperature for their little ones. The Dr. Brown bottle warmer emerges as a savior, warming liquids in just 80 seconds. Its compact design reduces clutter, and it is compatible with various bottle types.

Buy DR brown Bottle Warmer

Key Features and Benefits

Easy to use with fast warming times

Slim water reservoir

Compatible with certain other brand bottles

Reasonably priced

BPA-free for safety and security


Weight: 1.69 pounds

Dimensions: 8.7 inches

Origin: Made in the USA

2. Dr. Brown Pacifier

Dr. Brown’s pacifier is more than a tool to calm babies; it is a superhero for parents, preventing the pacifier from pressing against the baby’s face and ensuring air reaches the baby’s sensitive skin.

Key Features and Benefits

Fully symmetrical for reversible positioning

100% silicone bulb with a rounded shape

Taste-free and BPA-free

Dishwasher and sterilizer-safe


Weight: 1.44 ounces

Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm

Origin: Made in the USA

Material: Silicone

Buy Dr. Brown Pacifier

3. Dr. Brown Electric Breast Pump

This electric breast pump is a boon for mothers, facilitating comfortable and efficient breastfeeding. It is lightweight and features adjustable settings to suit individual comfort levels and milk flow.

Key Features and Benefits

User-friendly with memory function

Adjustable suction strength

Lightweight and silent operation

BPA-free materials


Weight: 5.2 pounds

Material: Silicon

Product Dimension: ‎12.8 x 8.7 x 10.5 inches

Key Aspect: Lightweight and portable

Buy Dr. Brown Electric Breast Pump

4. Dr. Brown Options+ Wide Neck Bottles

These bottles adapt to your baby’s evolving needs, facilitating a smooth transition between breast and bottle feeding while preserving essential nutrients in the milk. This silicon nipple together with the internal vent system offers a reliable bottle-feeding experience.

Key Features and Benefits

Efficient design with nutrient preservation

Adaptable to your baby’s needs

Reduces feeding issues


Capacity: 266 ml

Dimensions: 1.18 x 1.18 x 2.95 inches

Material: Plastic

Buy Dr. Brown Options+ Wide Neck Bottles

5. Dr. Brown Drying Rack

This foldable drying rack is a versatile solution for drying all baby essentials, accommodating up to 10 bottles and other accessories. Conveniently folds down for easy storage plus features long posts for both standard and wide neck bottles, and training cups.

Key Features and Benefits

Universal design

Raised drying platform with water collection tray

Easy to clean and store


Material: BPA-free

Color: White and Blue

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Buy Dr. Brown Drying Rack

6. Dr. Brown Natural Flow Baby Bottles

Award-winning bottles are designed to reduce common feeding issues while preserving the nutrients in breast milk and formula. This bottle is designed to nourish through all of the baby’s feeding stages and is recyclable and it provides a consistent flow so, babies can feed at their own pace.

Key Features and Benefits

Anti-colic vent system

Breast-like nipple shape for easy latching

Dishwasher safe


Material: Silicone nipple

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.3 inches

Weight: 12 ounces

Bottle Type: Vented

Buy Dr. Brown Natural Flow Baby Bottles

7. Dr. Brown 806 Microwave Steam Sterilizer

A fast and efficient sterilizer that uses steam heat to eliminate 99.9% of common household bacteria, accommodating up to four bottles and their components. It cleans your baby bottles and parts in a minute with the fast steaming microwave steam and it includes tongs to easily remove bottles and bottle components.

Key Features and Benefits

Accommodates various Dr. Brown’s bottles

Detachable custom tray for easy cleaning

Includes tongs for easy removal of bottles


Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.7 x 10.5 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Buy Dr. Brown 806 Microwave Steam Sterilizer

8. Dr. Brown Baby Bottle Brush

A reusable brush with soft sponges and strong bristles, ideal for cleaning both plastic and glass baby bottles. At the bottom of the brush are fixed chevron channels designed specifically to clean the nipples easily, and there is a storage clip supplied so you can keep the brush next to the sink.

Key Features and Benefits

Designed for Dr. Brown Standard Options Bottles

Easy-to-hold handle

Special part for cleaning bottles and nipples


Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 3.8″L x 2.1″W x 12.2″H

Weight: 1.44 ounces

Buy Dr. Brown Baby Bottle Brush

9. Dr. Brown s4021h Disposable Breast Pad

Comfortable and reliable breast pads that effectively absorb nipple moisture, preventing leaks through clothing. The distinct oval shape allows the perfect positioning and keeps the pad seamlessly and securely in place.

Key Features and Benefits

Comfortable protection for breastfeeding moms

Conveniently wrapped in packs of two

Suitable for moms of all sizes


Dimensions: 3.15 x 4.33 x 4.72 inches

Weight: 7.2 ounces
Buy Dr. Brown s4021h Disposable Breast Pad

10. Dr. Brown Narrow Glass Bottle Sleeve Mint

These sleeves protect the glass bottles from breaking while allowing parents to monitor the milk level without removing the sleeve. These sleeves help protect from breakage while in use while sterilizing or while in the dishwasher.

Key Features and Benefits

100% silicone removable glass bottle sleeves

Dishwasher safe

Sustainable baby bottle


Material: Glass

Weight: 8 ounces

Bottle Type: Anti-colic-bottle

Buy Dr. Brown Narrow Glass Bottle Sleeve Mint


 Dr. Brown offers a range of products in Nepal that are designed to cater to the diverse needs of parents and their newborns. From facilitating healthy feeding with well-designed bottles and warmers to ensuring hygiene with sterilizers and drying racks, Dr. Brown stands as a reliable ally in the parenting journey. The products are not only user-friendly but also incorporate the latest technology to offer safety and comfort for both the baby and the parents. As you step into the beautiful yet challenging journey of parenthood, equipping yourself with Dr. Brown products can be your first step towards a hassle-free and joyous experience. You can find them all on our website.

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