Himstar 285L Double Door Refrigerator (HS-2783CRM)

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Capacity :- 253L

Design :- Bar Door Handle, Red Color with Flowers

Cooling Feature :- Frost Free, Multi Flow

Freezer Feature :- Twisted Ice maker, 5-in-1 Convertible, Twin Invertor Technology, Twin Energy Saving, Easy Slide, Toughen Glass Shelves

Energy Rating :- 5 Star Rated

Warranty :- 1 years + 10 years on Compressor

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Energy Rating:
With a 5-star energy rating, your energy consumption gets reduced heavily on our Himstar Refrigerator.
Double door refrigerator has separate freezer and fridge compartment. Defrosting the freezer section is automatic.
Wire Shelves:
Wire shelves can hold much weight and are removable at your convenience. These shelves also help in easy airflow.
Bar Door Handle:
The door has a bar door handle for easy accessibility.
Toughen Glass Shelves:
Shelves on Himstar Refrigerators are harder than before with toughened glass. With no steel 
used, it is lighter and allows safer food storage.
Easy Slide:
Himstar Refrigerator comes with easy slide features making you sliding smooth.
Clean Back:
Our new Himstar Refrigerators come with clean and managed back.
Built-in Stabilizer:
Himstar Refrigerator comes with an in-built stabilizer that will save the refrigerator from fluctuating voltage and protects it from dysfunctions.
5-in-1 Convertible:
Himstar Refrigerator comes with a 5-in-1 Convertible technology that allows you to toggle between Normal Mode, Extra Fridge Mode, Seasonal Moder, Vacation Mode, and Home Alone Mode.
Twin Inverter Technology:
Twin Inverter Technology will help reduce the noise from the refrigerator while efficiently regulating the temperature and reducing energy consumption.
Twist Ice Maker:

Making ice cubes are way easier than before with a twist ice maker. Freeze and take the cubes out by just twisting the ice maker slightly.


You can get one year of full warranty on the Himstar Refrigerator and get 10 years of warranty of the compressor.

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