HS-C5020WC – Himstar Cooler

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Supply Voltage :- 230V, 50Hz

Power Consumption :- 200W

Speed levels :- 3

Air Throw Distance :- 2000 cubic meter/hr

Dimensions :- 65.0*53.0*55.8

Capacity :- 50L


– Water level indicator

– Ice chamber for extra cool

– Inverter Compatible

– Honey comb material for quick cooling

– Motorized vertical louver movement

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Inverter Compatible:
Himstar Air Cooler is compatible with inverters depending upon your requirement.
Water Level Indicator:
The water level indicator in Himstar Air Cooler indicates when the water level is low and needs a refill.
Ice Chamber:
You can now put ice cubes on your Himstar Air Cooler for extra cooling. A dedicated ice chamber is present in Himstar Air Cooler.
Honeycomb Cooling Pad:
Himstar Air Cooler comes with the honeycomb cooling pad having better water retention capacity while running low on maintenance.
Motorized Vertical Louver Movement:
The inner louver on Himstar Air Cooler can move vertically through motors. This louver movement ensures proper left-right airflow.
Air Delivery:
With a powerful fan and 4-way air deflection, Himstar Air Cooler can reach every nook and corner with proper air delivery.
4-way Air Deflection:
The fins on Himstar Air Cooler deflect the air in all four directions ensuring maximum reach.
3-speed Levels:
You can now adjust the airflow speed with three different speed levels on the Himstar Air Cooler.

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