WT70M3200HB Twin Washer with Double Storm Pulsator, 7kg

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Samsung WT70M3200HB Twin Washer is a powerful and efficient laundry solution to simplify your washing experience. With a generous 7kg capacity and a 5-star energy rating, this washer is perfect for both small and large households. Let’s delve into the features that make it a standout choice for your laundry needs.

Sleek Light Gray Design:​​​​​​

The washer features a modern and sleek light gray design that complements any contemporary laundry space. Its minimalist appearance adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Energy Efficiency Redefined:

With a 5-star energy rating, the Samsung Twin Washer is a testament to energy efficiency. Operating at 230V/50Hz with power consumption ranging from 2000 to 2400 watts, it ensures powerful performance while conserving energy.

Advanced Washing Technology:

The washer is equipped with a range of advanced features to provide the best cleaning results. The Air Turbo Drying System ensures your clothes are dried quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy.

Rat Protection for Added Durability:

Worried about pests getting into your washer? The Rat Protection feature ensures that your appliance remains safe from unwanted intruders, enhancing its durability and longevity.

Convenient and Mobile:

Thanks to the Caster Wheels, you can easily move the washer around your laundry area, making it convenient to clean and maintain. The Magic Filter helps capture lint and debris, keeping your washer and plumbing in top condition.

Auto Restart for Uninterrupted Operation:

Experience uninterrupted washing even in the event of a power outage. The Auto Restart feature ensures that the washer resumes its cycle from where it left off once the power is restored.

Rust-Proof Body for Longevity:

The washer’s rust-proof body withstands the test of time. It ensures that your appliance maintains its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over the years.

Customizable Wash Cycles:

Choose from three different regular wash cycles, heavy wash, and gentle wash, giving you the flexibility to tailor each load to your specific requirements.

Accessories Included:

Your purchase includes essential accessories like a Bolt Spanner, Assy Water Hose, Aqua Stop Water Hose, User Manual, Hose Hanger, Liquid Guide, and Cap Fixers. These accessories simplify the installation process and ensure hassle-free operation.

When you’re looking for the perfect washing machine in Nepal, Samsung is the brand you can trust. Visit your nearest Samsung Plaza, an authorized retailer for Samsung products in Nepal to explore the convenience and efficiency of the WT70M3200HB Twin Washer. At Samsung Plaza, we are committed to enhancing your laundry experience with innovative technology and stylish design. Upgrade your laundry routine with Samsung, where excellence meets innovation.

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