HW‐7FQ72TF/GZ-7KG – Himstar Washing Machine

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Washing Capacity :- 7KG
Color :- Titanium Grey
Motor Speed :- 1200RPM
Warranty :- 10 Years Warranty on Motor

Features :-
– A++ Energy Efficient
– LED Display
– 15 Wash Programs
– 24 Hour Delay Start
– 18-Minute Fast Wash
– Child Lock
– Anti-Foam Control
– Water Pump
– Auto Balance System
– Overheating Control

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15 Wash Program:
Himstar Washing Machine offers a wide range of wash programs to address your different clothing needs.
18-minute Fast Wash:

You can now get your dirty clothes washed quicker than before. Himstar Washing Machine has a fast wash option allowing you to wash your clothes in 18-minutes.


Water Pump:

Himstar washing machine has a proper water pump to extract excess water from the washing machine.

Anti-Foam Control:
More foams hinder proper wash in the washing machine. Our new anti-foam control system in Himstar Washing Machine controls the generation of excessive foam.
Overheating Control:
Overheating is one of the most common problems in the washing machine, and the Himstar washing machine addresses this problem with a new overheating control feature.
Auto Restart:
The auto restart feature in the Himstar washing machine allows the washing machine to start by itself in case of power failure.
Child Lock:
With a child lock system on Himstar washing machines, you don’t have to worry about your young ones getting hurt while the washing machine is on.
Power Off Memory:
During a power outage, the washing cycle gets interrupted, and starting back again might damage the clothes or be highly time-consuming. Himstar washing machine provides you with power off memory where the washing machine automatically restarts from where it stopped.
1-24 Hours Delay Start:
The new Himstar Washing Machine has a scheduler allowing you to schedule your wash from 1 to 24 hours later.
LED Display:
Himstar Washing Machine comes with LED Display for effective display and accessibility.
Digital Inverter:
Digital Inverter in Himstar washing machines limits energy usage only when required. Himstar Digital Inverter Washing helps you save on energy.

Auto Balance System:

The auto balance system in Himstar Washing Machine prevents the washing machine from disbalance in case of an “out of balance” load.

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